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How to make money online in Plixxo | Earn money by sharing links of Plixxo

Hey Guys,

Welcome to my another blog on how to make money online in Plixxo.

Plixxo is one of the top level Influencer marketing website which has a gold mine in it. The Company is associated with Popxo which is a content sharing website and through Plixxo we can make money by just sharing the Plixxo link over social media platform and any parts over web.

Every Click in your referred URL will make you earn 0.15 paisa

Sounds crazy, isn’t it?

Just by sharing links of plixxo you can earn tons of amounts that too real cash in every 15 days via Paytm

Now let’s get straight to the point on how to earn money through plixxo

3 Methods to earn :
Organic SEO ranking
Social Media
Investment over Instagram

Organic SEO ranking

Write a blog content based upon that particular article which is been provided by Plixxo and create a blog (simplest way Blogpost) and keep sharing them by placing the links which takes your customer to referred Plixxo url

Example : An article on Plixxo related to Ali Bhatt, take that blog and start revamping the content in your style and place the urls of the same Plixxo link, and rank for the keyword related to Ali Bhatt (take help of Keyword Planner or Semrush or Ahrefs)

Take another article from Plixxo related to health and fitness and write the content again and upload it in your 2nd blog

As the competition in plixxo article is low, the chances of getting your keyword would be fast, minimum 2 months

Social Media

This seems to be simple but it’s not

You have to figure out those Facebook Groups, G+ Groups, Whatsapp, Instagram which is niche related according to the content available over Plixxo.

Create a facebook account, grow that account and start joining the 5 type of facebook groups related to :
1.       Health and fitness
2.       Bollywood or Entertainment
3.       Motivational Groups
4.       Women related groups
5.       Fashion Groups (Boys and Girls both)

You need to enter on those groups only which is active and should have some posts done on the same day which shows the activeness of that group. The groups in which there is no posts posted on the same day are treated as dead groups (You will never get clicks)

Drop your plixxo link in the facebook groups and Google+ links

Investment over Instagram

This in the best platform for me, the way Instagram is growing in the entire niche; this has the potential to take the earning to the next level.

My Method to earn online through Instagram has started in earn 2014, I have been making money online through instagram using various other online websites like Ogads, Cpagrip, Maxbounty but that needs some sort of activities to be performed which is time taking as per as human behavior in  terms of getting the content straight forwardly.

By a tool – Follow liker which cost $97 for lifetime.
By using the tool you can grow your 5 different varieties of Niche accounts on instagram

Post the pictures of Plixxo article images based on the niche account and once your empire grows well, you can use the best tool functionality that is “Direct Message”

Send the same day post article of Plixxo to your Instagram followers using the DM service in Followliker automatically in span of 35 to 45 seconds interval

Make sure you grow your followers using other’s niche related Indian Instagram accounts (Preferred to follow the images liked followers of other account) by doing follow and unfollow process

That’s it for now, keep growing and keep sharing your love and this blog to others like always and be a successful earner in life. Because life needs some extra income as well.

Hope you liked my blog, request you to share my blog with your friends and keep on educating the rest of the nation.


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