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How to Become a Kolkata Influencer

If you are talented who want’s to get highlighted among the market within your industry. Then there is only one way to be famous, BE A KOLKATA INFLUENCER. This doesn't sounds easy. What it does require is HARD WORK.

In this post you will get to know how to become a Kolkata Influencer. To begin with lets know what Influencer really mean and what are their job role and how to stand in the market.

To become a Successful Kolkata Influencer, you should follow the below check list and examine your talent based on that.

  • What is your talent/hobby/most likely that you do?
  • How much you are famous among your friend circle with your talent or exposure?
  • What Social Media Network do you think has a great potential to get your hidden talent exposed in the market?
  • If needed can you Invest money of getting your content (music, singing, dancing, painting etc.) viral
  • How big is your Niche and Audience based on local network (City to City) Not Country to Country
  • Who are your competitor or Which Talented person you think is going the same great job?

That’s enough to ask yourself if you want to be a Kolkata Influencer, NOW understand the below content which will clear your mind!

Let’s suppose, you are fond of dancing that too in Bengali songs, first thing you need to do is record your video and editing it (Android app – Kinemaster) with cinematic shot which is appealing and then upload on Facebook, Share on WhatsApp, Instagram personal post (by tagging and using hashtag related to your dance), Upload the video on YouTube and use hashtag there with nice Title and Description and Tags mentioned in it related to your dance form, sending the video to big shot network who are also in the dancing talent zone and ask them that if they can give you a shoutout on your profile, Create a Facebook Page on your dancing style, engage sometime to offline dancing network through a concert or meetup in an Event, share the video on Facebook Groups related to dance.

Likewise this should be a regular practice you should adopt to be famous, slowly you will see your FAN audience size will get increase.

Have a look at Some of the Influencer in Kolkata

Once you’re famous then you will be on high level.
NEXT what you should do.....

You should be so strong as an when required people in Kolkata may give you a call and ask you to showcase your dance within their audience. For that you will charge them for collaboration.

Usually what we see is some small scale companies who doesn’t have enough money to hire big shot actor and actress to viral there brand, in that case we as an Influencer help their brand to make it viral and by charging a amount for a period of 7 days or 10 days.

 To be highlighted you must share your talent with one Instagram handle which is Kolkata Influencer ( Like you there are many other influencer who have done collaboration with many brands and you can be on the network too.

Hope you liked my blog, request you to share my blog with your friends and keep on educating the rest of the nation.


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