Which hashtag is important for you? - Saurabh Banerjee
Which hashtag is important for you?

Hashtag turns your post into clickable links and makes your post more searchable on the platform.
But do you know Facebook search isn’t all that great and hence hashtags is not that useful over FB but its much powerful on Instagram and Twitter

If you use more and more hashtag on your post then your reach gets decreased, two or three hashtag on post is OK...


Reason is that Facebook choose user what they want to follow and what kind of post or pages you like and which post that user wants to see.
Users of other platforms like Instagram and twitter are more exploratory by nature because is built that way.

When you click on a hashtag you will be able to see all the post mentioning that hashtag on one page.

The hashtag in Facebook doesn't behave the same way as other platforms. Like on Instagram if you use a lot of hashtags you will get increased reach. In Facebook, if you use too many hashtags your reach will decrease.


Use your existing Instagram and twitter hashtags on Facebook to have an integrated communication.

Create your own hashtag to have more relevance to your audience. If you do not have the capacity to trend it use relevant, already trending Hashtag.

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