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Influencer Marketing Platform | How to become a Influencer

Popxo is the top rated Influencer Marketing Platform, this is the only website created for ladies, teens and women. The purpose of the Popxo is to connect the Latest Lifestyle News, Hot Trends & Videos, Celebrity Styles & Events with the world. Their target audience is niche targeted. The company is old and founded by Priyanka Gill and Namrata Bostrom.

This Influencer Marketing Platform in India - Popxo was founded in back 2014 and the head office is based in Delhi, ever since this company is in Market the young brigade had a made a huge interest in this field and ever since the hashtags been used by influencers the company is in huge scale and it’s has not millions of traffic in hashtag and its growing.

I started using personally this platform since 2017 and make this influencer marketing platform as my earning method. They provide 0.15 Rupees per click earning method in which you have to just viral there any blog link listed on the website through YOUR marketing channel in an ORGANIC way (no invalid bot’ed clicks)

They also have iOS and Android apps where users post without filters, and without judgements - asking and answering questions and creating a community for like-minded girls which is a very great initiative by the team of Popxo. Mostly the entire office have female coworkers which makes them energetic to work on the similar kind of domain as per the interest.

POPxo creates stories, videos and social media content about the things young Indian women care about which reaches to mass people based on targeting, age group and interests that encourages talented social media users to join up as an influencer.... Once approved it is up to the influencers to publish the content and share it with their audience like Instagram and get the most of the revenue from it.

To know more about Influencer Marketing and how you can be the top Influencer and earn from Popxo and Plixxo, just drop your message below and I will get back to you

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