How to use Digital Marketing for Medical Industry - Saurabh Banerjee
How to use Digital Marketing for Medical Industry

Its been a decade since medical industry has not taken a huge impact in the business. Market is huge but the return is way less as compared to other Industries. To make this a big impact we are here to know HOW TO USE DIGITAL MARKETING FOR MEDICAL INDUSTRY.

Coming to the point:

1. What is our GOAL - For any business the goal is to achieve leads which is converted to sales at some point of time

2. Channels to promote your medical Industry - Facebook is a good reach media for your medical industry but it provides cheap quality of leads. Whereas Google has a great quality of leads as user searches for the keywords and gets landed on your website. In Facebook you invest less money and get more leads and w.r.t. that Google would be highly chargeable but it will be converted to Sale 

3. Your CONTENT -  To use digital marketing for medical industry your content should be precise and should impact the end user to real about your medical fundamentals and what are your services in that area. The content is King, it has to be 100% user generated, plagiarism free you can check it by visiting COPYSCAPE website or

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