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Social Media Campaigning for Politicians

Social Media Campaigning for Politicians

Social media lets you reach many people with news about an individual’s goal. Without social media, some of these people would never hear about you. If you can use social media to well, you can improve awareness of your party, increase the number of visitors to your website, and earn more voters.

Social Media Campaigning for Politicians

Social media campaigning for Politicians is a crucial part of winning the elections. Politicians nowadays tend to focus more on social media to target the youth group. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram handles all are used to target the youth generation mainly. One needs to be fully active and post regularly in the handle so as to stay attached with the public in all its handle and showcase oneself as an influencer.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India has shown the power of digital presence, he has 46.2 million followers in twitter as the third ranked person in twitter globally and world’s number 1 leader in Facebook and Instagram. US President Donald Trump, No. 2 on Facebook, is way behind Modi with 23.3 million likes. At fourth place is the official page of Indian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO India) with over 13 million likes. External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj’s personal account, at No. 20, and her ministry’s account are the only two other pages from India that feature in the Twiplomacy list by communications agency BCW. She too is very active in social media and helps people with passport and visa related issues thus making her a popular lady in social platform. On photo sharing also Modi tops in Instagram. With 7,22,184 interactions per post on average, Modi has also been found as the most effective world leader.

The India Prime Minister has become strong among the youth because of his constant social media presence. Not only the youth of India know him, but he is famous around the globe.

Seeing that Narendra Modi has taken this initiative ahead, other ministers have also targeted companies to handle Social Media Campaigning for Politicians

The above data clearly shows how important role social media campaigns pay for political parties in order to gain voters and be aware of people’s difficulties.

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