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Search Engine Optimization Strategy | How to make SEO Strategy

I hope you have some idea on search engine optimization strategy making, if yes then this fundamentals can be easily adopted at your end. To perform search engine optimization strategy for any project like real estate, doctors, school, politicians etc. If you don't know How to make SEO Strategy then this is going to be important lesson for you. You should definitely follow the importance of what makes it different and what makes it easy for you or your team to work under.

1. SEO Objective of real estate: To be honest this is the most important part of search engine optimization strategy, SEO Objective of any project has to be simple and focused evey month. Which means your objective like Traffic generation which should last to leads generation through your website should be clear. It has to be defined why did you choose this SEO Objective of real estate and what else can be included?

2. SEO Principals and Technique: After fixing your SEO Objective of real estate your second important work mode should revolve around what is the best technique to be integrated on that real esate project. Should it be white hat, grey hat or black hat technique and the principal like getting your website onpage fixed; fixing Onpage optimization reduced the SEO link building activity work which is a good sign.

3. SEO Link building: Once Technique and Principals are settled, just switch to which SEO keywords you would like to introduce in your real estate work and which long tail keywords would be better to rank on top with 4 months. Long tail keyword for real estate would be like; “top 10 apartments in south Kolkata” or “best 2 bhk apartment in south Kolkata”.

4.    Mobile SEO strategy: Mobile SEO strategy in 2019 is the most important part you have to make and deliver result as per Mobile SEO strategy like voice command SEO searches, use phrases like "near me", get your website and landing page SEO friendly, get mobile search traffic using SEO methods.

5. Search engine optimization strategy measurement: Once every month SEO activity is delivered on real estate project your onboarding of client should be placed rank tracking using serpbook or serplab measurement tool, along with SEMRUSH or Ahrefs which will show keyword is ranking on which position for which url of your website.

6. SEO Ranking expectation: The Last and final inspiration, you can just expect the result when it going to show on SERP's. You can never guarantee the Search engine optimization strategy has worked for you or not! You have to belive and see the result by checking the above Serplab or Serpbook result and keep on building backlinks eveymonth

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