7 SEO Experiments to Test in 2020 - Saurabh Banerjee
7 SEO Experiments to Test in 2020

7 SEO Experiments to Test in 2020

SEO isn't something that you learn once,and it's good to go forever.,Google makes over 3,000
algorithm changes per year.,That's a lot of changes.,So if you're not continually testing,you're not going to do well and outrank your competitors.,Hey, everyone, I'm Saurabh Banerjee and today, I'm going to share with you seven SEO experiments,to test in 2020.

The first test that I want you to try,is to A/B test your headlines.,You want to come up with a handful of different headlines,and test them against each other.,You can use tools like clickflow.com to do this.,The reason this is important is,,Google is all about user metrics.,If someone does a search for something,,heck, if 1,000 people do a search for the same term,and everyone clicks on the second result,instead of the first result,,what does that tell Google?,

The second result is more relevant.,It doesn't matter if the first result has better SEO,or more backlinks.,They do not care.,It shows them that the second result is more relevant,and that the second result should be ranking number one.,And some quick things that you can do,to ensure that your headlines, your title tags,,get more clicks.,One, you can add the years to the end of the title,,such as updated in 2020, updated in 2019.,Those things help with a lot more clicks.,You can also do something in which you ask questions,in your title tag.,

What is SEO?,What is digital marketing?,Questions tend to increase click-throughs by over 10%,,according to ClickFlow.,Another simple thing that you can do is evoking curiosity.,Example, the seven benefits of green tea.,Number six will shock you.,That's a good example of like,,oh what's number six?,Well, if you want to find out, you got to click through,and find out more.,

So continually test your title tags,,and ClickFlow will give you ideas on what you can do,to improve your title tags,,and they have a free version of their product,or a free trial, so that way you can get started,without spending any money.,The second experiment I have for you to run,is create separate headlines for social media and SEO.,Now in the first tip,,I talked about adjusting your headlines, your title tags,,so you can increase your click-through rate,on Google and boost your rankings,,but here's the thing.

Hope you liked my blog, request you to share my blog with your friends and keep on educating the rest of the nation.


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