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Brandingurus | Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata

We are in 2020 and assumably nearly 600 million people would be the booming netizens across India. This thirst of digitalization has raised the benchmark for plethora of digital courses which is probably available in every nook and corner of the country. What we precisely need is to hit the bulls eye and mould every amateur into professionals who can cater to the shooting demands of industries. Although there are many who have jumped in the digital world, but there is always a room for precision.
If we look couple of years back there were lot of speculations when people began to consider digital marketing as a profession and developed certain jargons for it. Apparently the digital learners now want to seize every domain of industries and carve a niche for themselves. This need for specificity has sprinted the digital training platforms to provide the best in the market.
Kolkata, the city of joy needs some real astonishing digital transformation. There is no doubt that there are several digital training institutes available for up gradations but we at Brandingurus are loaded with exciting, advanced and remarkable courses which is at par with the rest.
Come and resonate your inner self, validate in new techniques and connect some exciting digital dots at Brandingurus, Kolkata!

Now lets come on the course material for what it makes us best digital marketing company in kolkata:

1.      We are providing 1 year LMS (Learning Management System) to our students where all the contents will be uploaded and explained
1.      We are providing video centric practical approach to activities like SEO, Facebook ads setup (+advanced), Google ads setup (+advanced), Website development in Wordpress, creating blog content, creating ad copies and lot more.
1.      We are also providing a forum section where students can upload any softwares that they find is free of cost over internet based on Digital Marketing
1.      We are proving QnA section to all where if one students has any doubt on any subject then eighter the faculty can reply to that answer or a student can also reply from another batch
1.      We are also providing refer and earn business model where if one registered student can get bonus money during class hours and can use that money on his facebook ads or google ads
1.      We are also making our Content change every 3 months duration so that our content doesn't remains old. It has to be updated as the market changes
1.      We are also providing push notification system to our student so that if they miss any of the class they get it over there PC as in push notification
1.      We are providing 3 best real time money making methods to our students through which i have gained success. These methods are not old are not saturated as well.
1.      Our class is open from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM as is based in Park Street
1.      We are also giving one on one training from foreign highly named Digital Marketers once we end up our class hours, so that we can learn from what are they doing to overcome business models on Digital Marketing activities

So what are you waiting for? Join Kolkata's Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata

You may call us at 8319355532 or visit our campus directly Room No 325, Karnani Mansion, Mother Teresa Sarani, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016, India

You may book our Demo as well, just give us a call and you can book our slot

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