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Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata

Marketing is booming and you can make a killing,as a professional as a marketer.But if you're trying to learn marketing,by just Googling stuff, things are going to be very confusing.You'll get conflicting advice from different websites,and you're just going to be like "Oh my God, I'm going to give up.",So today I'm going to break down the best free resources,for you to learn marketing s you can hit the ground running,and jumpstart your marketing career.Hi everyone, I'm Saurabh Banerjee from Brandingurus - Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata and today I'm going to break down,free resources to learn marketing in 2020 digital marketing courses and certifications

The first place that you can learn online marketing is Google's Online Marketing Challenge.This is a course that's probably,one of the most comprehensive out there for beginners.Not only does it give  students a real world experience,into marketing, but it also offers a global academic panel,which is essentially modules that cover various aspects,of digital marketing that are taught,by top academic panelists.Students then get to work with nonprofit companies,to build online advertising campaigns.we're giving a budget of $100.Students compete to show off their best advertising skills which isn't expected to be much as this is for beginners.However, it's important to note that this option,does have a competitive angle.It isn't just courses it's actually applying what you've learned.The next one is Social Media 101 course by Constant Contact.This course essentially teaches you step-by-step,on how to build your social media presence,across various platforms using what you learned on channels like Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business Snapchat and even YouTube.

This course gives a lot of practical value to students,by giving them examples of lessons,as well as offering how-to guides and glossaries.The best part, the tool is completely free.The next one for you, HubSpot Academy.HubSpot Academy offers digital marking courses,in nearly every subject, even allows you to get,a certification when you're finished with the course.That'll look great on your resume.From advertising to growth marketing,all the way to website design, HubSpot offers a plethora,of different design courses for digital marketing beginners.They offer many different forms of teaching,including guides, webinars,and even provide different marketing templates like social media editorial calendar templates.The next one for you, Google Skillshop.It's Google's official platform where you can learn,how to do marketing using Google's products,like Google Ads, Waze, Google Analytics,and Google My Business.You can essentially learn how to run paid ads,on Google's platforms like search, display, network their mobile ads, while you're learning how to do marketing,for local businesses and measure the results,within Google Analytics.

A good example of this,is you can learn how to run ads within Gmail.Right, Gmail has a ton of users but very few people,in marketing run ads on Gmail,versus running it on Google search.It also has training ranging,from introductory to advanced courses so it can be helpful whether you're just starting out or you already have some experience.You can even get a certification from Google itself.I've seen quite a few companies love this,and find value in it, and again,it helps with your resume.The next one, SEMrush Academy.A lot of people use SEMrush as a SEM content marketing tool,but many of them don't know,that it goes above and beyond the basics.There's tons of other features in there,like they'll even tell you traffic that a website has demographic information and the list keeps going on and on.Their training offers both basic and advanced concepts,so it works for both beginners and pros they can all benefit from this.It's just not about SEMrush they don't just constantly promote their tool it includes things like technical SEO, link building queue research and content marketing.It's free and they offer certification as well.

The next course for you, Facebook Blueprint.This is Facebook's official training,that'll walk you through some of the different topics,on marketing on Facebook and Instagram.It ranges from creating ads,to managing your Instagram business account.Much like some of the other sources I've shared this platform is great for beginners and advanced marketers,where they can learn a lot,because Facebook really goes into the nuances,of how to use their platform.It also offers a certification, which again is great if you're looking for a job for any other ad agency,or any marketing position within a corporation.Copyblogger also offers a course it's called Internet Marketing for Smart People.Copyblogger has been around for a lot of years they have a lot of high quality content,on blogging and content marketing.It includes cool things like direct response copywriting,and coming up with offers,that you can sell to your audience.

It will basically give you a framework,to start an online business from scratch covering a lot of the marketing techniques,that weren't necessarily covered,in any of the other courses I talked about.So it's definitely worth checking out.In conclusion, my honest opinion is there's a lot of courses that are worth it but the ones I mentioned are some of my favorites,that you don't need a spend a dollar on.They're effective, they're great they offer a lot of benefits,and they'll help you throughout your journey,in digital marketing especially if you're looking for a job.Now if you have any questions on any of these courses,or others, leave a comment below and I'll answer it.

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